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Used Machinery:

Gestión de Termoplásticos is dedicated to the purchase and sale of machinery for the recycling and extrusion of second-hand plastics, to save investments. On our website you can find our list with a variety of second-hand items. Most of the machines are available immediately as they are in warehouse stock, we offer:

-Technical details of all machines as well as updated photos and videos.

-Short delivery times.

-Dismantling, transport service …

-Prices according to the market.

-Where possible, you can examine the machinery in operation.

Sales: Our main function is to sell used machinery for the recycling and extrusion of plastics. The sale is made in different ways such as sale, private deal, liquidation, sale in deposit, etc.

Purchase: We are always interested in increasing our stock, so we offer the possibility that someone who is interested in selling your machine offers it to us and we will value it. We are also in contact with lawyers, insolvency administrators, public administrations to buy bankruptcy assets.

Liquidation: We also liquidate assets. We offer all kinds of facilities to get rid of your machines. Contact us and we will help you in all the management.

Machinery Revised:

The Industrial machines are the ones that most need to optimize the use of their resources. The high activity of the machinery, for example, causes the energy expenditure to multiply, for these reasons, some of our customers ask at the time of purchase, to budget for the performance of other revisions or rehabilitation of industrial machinery and that is why our Team is composed of experienced professionals with great technical knowledge.

At Gester, we have more than 35 years of experience in this sector, the satisfaction of our customers and the success of our refurbished and repaired machines. We give the customer 3 options to buy the machines: the purchase as they are or checking all the components or checking and reconditioning the complete machine. We make assemblies of frames for new devices, we install the necessary electrical system to start up any type of machine, we connect the motors and sensors, we rehabilitate old frames and carry out the essential preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns. We also do security (CE o real decreto 1215/97) and programming facilities. We have staff and adequate tools to deal with any type of mechanical, electrical, electronic, sheet metal, paint … revisions.

In Gestión de Termoplásticos S.L. not only we focus on the reuse of plastic, we rehabilitate second-hand machinery to re integrate them into the market, favoring the circular economy and saving both costs and energy.

Blades and sharp:

We specialize in blades and their proper treatment for each type of use in cutting machinery for plastics and other (mills, drill, crushers, agglomerates, shears, etc ..) We offer sharpening and blade change as well as adjustment and maintenance of your crusher mill or other cutting machinery.


Our blog allows you to be informed of the latest news or the relevant data of the sector.

We also publish several press articles in specialized magazines in the sector of the recycling of plastic as Interempresas: (Plastics universal).

Customer service:

We have a trilingual service, Spanish, French and English. We have sales contacts as international sales. The brands of the machines are recognized in the world. We are at your disposal by phone, by email, by fax, by contact form on the web, by facebook, twitter …