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Second hand and auxiliary machinery for recycling and extrusion of plastic

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Why are we a leading company in the recycling industry?

At Gester we specialise in buying and selling plastic recycling and extrusion machinery. We know that this is only one part of it, and that there are many more influential factors in providing a comprehensive service. Here you will not only get quality machinery to set up your recycling plant, but a comprehensive solution to get every stage of your project up and running. Here are our 9 main points that make us one of the most important companies in Spain in the field of recycling and second-hand machinery.

Professional advice

At Gester we take each project as unique and recognise its particularities. That is why we analyse each case and adapt to it. With our professional experts, we provide comprehensive advice, taking into account every detail to achieve the best results in the productive operation of your company. We have a trilingual service: Spanish, French and English.

Tailored budget

We have the best price-quality ratio on the market in our sector, we make a budget according to the economy of your project.

Specialised integrated services

We specialise in the following segments:

- Sale of used machinery for recycling and extrusion of plastic: This is one of our main services where we emphasize to meet all the requirements of each client. Providing comprehensive advice to select all the necessary equipment to carry out your project.

- We offer 3 options: Sale as is, with a check of all components or reconditioning the complete machine.

- Purchase of machinery: We continually purchase machinery to keep our stock up to date.

- Maintenance and overhaul of machinery: We provide our customers with solutions for the overhaul or refurbishment of industrial machinery. We have the appropriate personnel and tools to deal with any type of overhaul: mechanical, electrical, electronic, bodywork and painting, etc.

- Blades and sharpening: Another of our specialised services is in blades and sharpening treatments for plastic cutting machinery such as grinders, noodles, shredders, agglomerates and shears.

Wide range of machinery

In our catalogue you will find a wide range of used recycling machinery and much more. We work with the world's leading brands. Each product has all the detailed information: Description, brand, power, model, condition and availability.

Within our wide stock of used machinery for your company you will find: crushing mills, shredders, shears, extruders, sharpeners and washing machines.

We also have presses, guillotines, machinery for the manufacture of tubes and profiles, conveyor belts, laboratory machinery, packaging machinery, loading elements and much more.

Within our catalogue, you can also find second-hand machinery that has been overhauled and our sharpening and blade replacement service.

Availability of machinery

Most of our second-hand machines are available immediately as they are in our warehouses, so delivery time is short.

Dismantling and transport service

We dismantle the unit for its correct packaging and we also provide the transport service.

Machinery installation and commissioning

We carry out all the necessary actions to start up any type of machinery. From the assembly of switchboards for new equipment, installation of the electrical system, connection of motors and sensors, we refurbish old switchboards. We also carry out safety installations (CE or royal decree 1215/97) and programming.

After-sales service

Our after-sales service ensures the preventive and corrective maintenance of the machinery to ensure its correct operation and thus optimise the use of resources. We know that it is of utmost importance to take care of the environment. The use of second-hand machines is a great contribution to achieve a circular economy.

Experience and guarantee

We have almost 40 years of experience in the industrial recycling sector behind us. We participate in events of international relevance offering our services and we grant guaranteed satisfaction to each client who trusts us.

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